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Types of Mortgages

There 2 simple ways to repay your mortgage:-

• Capital & Interest - a mortgage that repays the interest and the capital amount over the term of the mortgage and guarantees the mortgage is fully repaid by the end of the term provided you have kept up payments on it.

• Interest Only - a mortgage that only repays the interest element of the mortgage which means payments are cheaper throughout the term of the mortgage but the original amount borrowed still needs to be repaid at the end of the term of the mortgage. A standalone repayment vehicle is usually recommended to run alongside the mortgage and is not guaranteed to pay off the mortgage.

There are also many different Mortgage Deals.

At Suitable Financial Advice we are Independent Mortgage Advisers which means we can search the market for the best Mortgage deals available.

Whatever your circumstances, make sure you use our experience to provide you with the best mortgage advice for you. Contact us now for an initial discussion.


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