Investment and Savings Planning

At Suitable, we pride ourselves offering the very best in individual saving and investment planning. By getting to know you and your objective we can help you achieve your financial targets.

What are your circumstances?

  • You have a large sum but don’t know which investment is best
  • Fed up with low interest rates on savings?
  • Concerned about the poor performance of an existing plan
  • You wish to save for the future and want to know the best options?

Savings and Investments can be a minefield because of the vast array of choices. Popular investments include:

  • ISA (Cash or Stocks and Shares)
  • Cash Savings Bonds
  • Deposit Savings Accounts
  • Unit Trusts/OEICS (Open Ended Investment Companies)
  • Investment Bonds
  • Guaranteed Investments
  • With Profits Plans

You may already have some of the above plans and want advice on these or you may be looking at the options available to you. Our thorough market research and independence result in advice that is completely impartial. We can make strategic recommendations on a broad range of investment products taking short and long-term objectives and whether you need to invest for income or capital growth into consideration.

Once we have a clear picture of your financial objectives we will make recommendations. As your financial advisers we remain committed to you and can provide regular reviews and advice.

Please contact us now for an initial discussion.